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They will close on the 5th of May, 2016.

Please link your applications in the comments below. Please don't edit your preferences after app reviews have begun. App challenges are allowed, but reserves will ensure we wait five days for your application before accepting someone else's, or until the end of the app period, whichever is sooner.

Contact: Plurk, AIM, whatever!
Other Characters:

Character Name:
Canon: Put "OC" for OCs.
Canon Point: Say what they were doing even if they are an OC.
Character Info: Please just link this, if you can. If you're playing an OC or a character without much information available on the internet, you can give us a brief run down here. Just make sure it's the short version.
Personality: We want to be able to have a good feeling for what kind of person they are from reading this. Besides that, don't feel like you have to go nuts on this. Just give us the highlights.

Chosen Powers: When a rescuer character is first brought to Tera, they will be able to retain the equivalent of 60 MP worth of powers, as described on the MP Rewards page. Spending these on Features isn’t necessary, since coming to this universe doesn’t change their physical makeup, but any inherent qualities of their physicality that give them a significant advantage will have to be purchased first. (IE. A robot that is highly resistant to damage due to a metal exterior will have to spend at least 30 of their allotted MP one some kind of representative “defense” ability. Buying small things like “fangs” and “claws,” however, is unnecessary, unless you want them to be a big deal and cut through things claws shouldn’t, and etc.)
Chosen Equipment: If your character has no powers, that 60 MP can also be converted over to a kind of “weapons fund.” Shep has a stock hold of weird gadgets in his ship, and he’ll be assigning them out to recruits without natural powers as a priority, meaning people who can already shoot fire balls won’t receive them right away. Pricing for different tools is outlined on the Rescuer Page . MP can also be spent towards having your character bring items along from their homeworld that have equivalent effects – anything unusual will have to be bought as a power.
Relevant Skills: Anything your character has an unusual proficiency for that's relevant to a rescue mission. You don't have to tell us about their cooking ability or anything like that. Skills don't need to be bought and are just assumed to be part of the character.
Character Goals: Why are they here? Are they trying to save a loved one that’s been taken? Do they just want to help because they’re nice? Do they have an ulterior motive? Were they drunk? Please make sure that your character’s reasoning for being here will stand up against some scrutiny. Since coming along is totally voluntary, NPCs are not going to have much patience for people who have no interested in actually pursuing the mission.

Writing Sample: At least 10 comments worth of your character as their normal selves. Can be multiple threads. Can also be ripped straight from the TDM.

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Wii Fit Trainer | Wii Fit/Smash | unreserved

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Nozomi Toujou | Love Live! School Idol Project | Reserved

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Anri Sonohara | Durarara!! | Reserved

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Kyouya Hibari | Katekyo Hitman Reborn | Reserved

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Riza Hawkeye | Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood | Reserved

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